I have been practising law since 1983 and working as a mediator here in Christchurch since 1992, completing updating training throughout that time. This has included mediation work as a part of my general Family Law practice, for CYFS directly, for the Family Court, and through the national mediation organisation, Fairway.

Membership of the New Zealand Law Society Panel of Mediators and the Arbitrators' and Mediators' Institute of New Zealand demonstrate my commitment to continuing education and best practice.

Conflict resoultion via mediation allows clients to make their own decisions rather than waiting for a Judge to do so. I have found mediation to be a faster, cheaper and less stressful process for a family or organisation than working through the Court system.

Mediation is a confidential process; the fact that all participants agree that information cannot be taken outside the meeting means that we can explore settlement options with an open mind.

Mediating with me involves both parties, and if they wish their lawyers and an independent financial advisor or the parties' accountants, along with any other professional we all agree would be helpful in assisting the decision-making process. As your mediator, I will meet with each of you separately before we meet in the larger group so that you can be assured the issues important to you are discussed. Sometimes several meetings are necessary to ensure that all the information that is needed for a fair resolution is available.

The mediation fee is fee is paid jointly by the parties unless they agree on a different division of the account beforehand.

Although based in Christchurch I am happy to travel throughout Canterbury, to the West Coast and further afield should that be required.

Please contact me to discuss how I may assist you to reach a practical, positive settlement.

Legal Assistance

As a barrister and solicitor in private legal practice here in Christchurch, I specialize in Family and Youth Law but have an interest in wills and estates, and conveyancing. My background in civil and criminal, as well as family litigation, is an advantage in the Court setting.

As a commitment to Best Practice and continued training and supervision, I am a member of the Family Law Section and the Property Law Section.

Since admission to the bar as a barrister and solicitor in January 1983 I have worked in private practice, and also accept direct referrals from the Family and Youth Courts in the specialist areas of Youth Court as a Youth Advocate, Youth Drug Court, Rangatahi Court, and as Lawyer for the Protected Person, to Assist the Court, and for the Child.

I am a Family Legal Advice Provider and take a small amount of Legal Aid work.

My Family Court work involves separation, relationship property division, day to day care and contact (custody and access), CYFS Care and Protection cases, dissolution (divorce), maintenance and all associated matters.

While experienced in litigation, I promote collaborative practice between lawyers and in any dispute will always try to negotiate a prompt and equitable settlement in the interest of my client.

Please email me for further information – I look forward to hearing from you.